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Sustainability Policies

Tour Operator Flow Trips it is of utmost importance to differentiate itself in the market by offering a quality service, as well as for its commitment to the environment operating under a sustainability model; for which the following principles have been established for an environmentally friendly management.

1. Flow Trips will always work to protect the environment, trying to minimize the negative impacts that may occur and the repercussions on both present and future generations and their right to enjoy the same resources we currently have.

2. Working with the communities and existing organizations close to the different attractions will be indispensable to generate a development and benefit for all involved in the tourist activity.

3. The products and tourist service provided by Flow Trips will try to have the least possible impact on the environment without leaving quality aside, through unique experiences in a sustainable way.

4. The contracted suppliers should preferably share a sustainable and friendly vision, helping the sustainable management of the company.

5. In selecting the products necessary for both the office and the development of the tours, priority will be given to those who can have greater control when coming into contact with the environment and thus not causing major environmental impacts.

6. For the processes in which the agency has to incur in its operation.